Georgia Civil Features: Political Subdivisions, Native Areas, Land Grants


Georgia Civil Features: Political Subdivisions, Native Areas & Land Grants

Number Census Class & Code Description
536 Incorporated Places - C1 An active incorporated place that does not serve as a county subdivision equivalent.
2 Incorporated Places - C3 A consolidated city.
1 American Indian Areas - D4 Legal state-recognized American Indian area.
153 Counties and County Equivalents - H1 An active county or equivalent feature.
6 Counties and County Equivalents - H6 A county that is coextensive with an incorporated place, part of an incorporated place, or a consolidated city and the governmental functions of the county are part of the municipal govenment.
6 Obsolete or Incorrect Name - X1 Deleted feature that was a governmental entity.
586 Inactive or Nonfunctioning Primary County Divisions - Z5 A statistical county subdivision.
9 Land Grants & Other - N/A Land Grants and Other Unclassified Civil Features